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Instituto de Estudios sobre Desarrollo y Cooperación Internacional

Nazioarteko Lankidetza eta Garapenari Buruzko Ikasketa Institutua

Institute for International Cooperation and Development Studies

Documentation centre


CDOCThe Hegoa Documentation Centre seeks to establish and made available a collection of works specialising in international cooperation and development. It features adigital library plus a physical library, containing more than 20,000 registered works grouped under nine major topic areas, classified and monitored by our in-house Tesaurus which has 1100 descriptors or key words to facilitate information retrieval. The new premises in the Zubiria Etxea, building on the UPV/EHU campus make it easier to consult the library and access other services in our opening hours.

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Information resources newsletter

imagen The Information resources e-newsletter published by the Hegoa Documentation Centre is a way of distributing information in electronic format to social actors working in international cooperation in the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country and the rest of Spain. Each issue presents basic information on a standout topic, links to updated documentation resources and regular section on international cooperation resources. The main topic in each issue can be downloaded in PDF format.

Consult resources newsletter website


imagen A selection of links to other institutes, information and documentation centres and websites of interest on issued of international cooperation and development. More…